Coal Ash Business
  • Gross Calorific Value
  • :    2000
  • Moisture
  • :    5.36%
  • ASH
  • :    52.71
  • Volatile Matter
  • :    9.09%
  • Fixed Carbon
  • :    32.84
Brief History

The founder of T Hathi group Shri Tulsidas J. Hathi ventured into burnt coal ash business in the 1965. He was given opportunity by the Birla’s at Saurashtra Chemicals, Porbandar to supply and manage a team of labor in their power plant. According to him, he was paid Rs.4 per day as supervision charge to supervise the team, Later on the company awarded him a contract to dump burnt coal disposed out of their thermal power plant into the back waters as effluent, and he was paid money to dump the material. Coming from a little village called Raval, he had zero capital to invest.

This was a perfect start of his business venture. Later on, he discovered that steam coal when burnt in Thermal power plants, when disposed out of the chain link, has decent amount of re burning capacity with about 1500 GCV. This is ideal application to make products such as lime, clay bricks, etc. So he was paid to dispose the material, and he started selling the same products in the market. So it was double income from one product.

When the company discovered they started charging Mr. Hathi to lift the burnt coal. This became a commercial product now. Mr.Hathi vision good potential in this business and enter into contracts with various thermal power plants such as udhna, Surat, Mdavad electricity board, Sikka power plant, GEB Porbandar.

In MBA language on would call it first mover’s advantage. As this was the beginning of his carrier, he was short of funds, so he invited few of his trusted friends to invest in the business and promised handsome returns. As time went by, lot of private enterprises installed thermal power plants such as GHCL, SAUKEM, Tata Chemicals, etc.

Due to his successful business model of strong network of logistics and marketing, he entered into long term contracts with most of the power plants in Gujarat. Today, T. Hathi group is the biggest stockiest of burnt coal in Gujarat.