Navlakhi facility of PCAPL is established in 2009 for grading Steam Coal and grind petroleum coke.

Various Industries use the Steam Coal differently. That is to say some industries require the Coal with the lowest sizes, some have the use of a slightly bigger size but don’t use the lumpy size; some industries use the lumpy size that is 15mm+ size. Historically all the units used to buy the steam coal and then process the same in houseresulting into high costs. The grading here helps the industries to provide the material to the various industries as per their needs.

Technical Excellance
  • Installed capacity of the Grading Screener is 100,000 MT per month to meet the demand.
  • Installed capacity of the Grinding Mill is 3,000 MT per month to cater the demand.
  • PCAPL has installed Weigh Bridge into the facility. This has resulted into swiftness in the logistics.
  • The Material Handling system is being automated to increase the momentum.
Product Excellance
  • The facility has already started the commercial production of Steam Coal
  • The facility has installed capacity of Grading various types of materials namely, Indonesian Steam Coal, South African Steam Coal and Pet coke.
  • PCAPL is also planning to make briquettes out of all kind of processed coals.
  • This gives the products range in various types of Steam Coals and Pet coke.
  • The product range would include
    • The Steam Coals in various grades and briquettes, and
    • Pet coke in various grades, grinded and briquettes.

Future expansion plans: set petroleum coke grinding plants at Baroda and UAE for strategic reason due to availability of pet coke from refineries in close vicinity and cater various glass industries in the surrounding region.