Padadhari facility of PCAPL was established in 2007 to process ground Pet coke.

Petcoke is a by-product of the oil refinery process and is essentially "the bottom of the barrel." As such, its properties vary with the crude oil source and the refining processes used. Pet coke quality is characterized by its heating value, chemical composition (e.g. content of sulfur and trace metal such as vanadium), contaminants, and its physical properties, in particular its hardness, which is graded by the Hardgrove Grindability Index (HGI).

Technical Excellance
  • Installed capacity of the Grading Screener was 10000 MT per annum to meet the demand.
  • Installed capacity of the Grinding Mill is 2000 MT per month to cater the demand.
  • PCAPL has installed Weigh Bridge into the facility. This has resulted into swiftness in the logistics.
  • The Material Handling system is being automated to increase the momentum.
Product Excellance
  • The facility started its operations by grinding the 0-50 mm sized Petcoke. Soon the company realized that the grinding of 00-06 mm size has no impact on quality. Moreover there was a market for the 15mm+ sized Pet coke.
  • Hence PCAPL started screening of pet coke to grind the 0-06 mm size and started selling 15mm+ size to the customers.
  • To utilize 00-06 mm size with an installed capacity of 2000 MT for grinding the screening requires to be done of 4000MT which gives 2000 MT of oversized material.
  • Thus the capacity of the unit increased from 2000 MT grinding to, 2000 MT grinding and 2000 MT of oversized material totaling 4000 MT per month.
  • After some time PCAPL captured a huge market of 0-16 mm sized pet coke to cater Surat.
  • This added into the products making the products bouquet of
    • Grinded Petcoke
    • 0-06 mm sized Petcoke
    • 06-15 mm sized Petcoke
    • 15+ sized Petcoke